The OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) is an interdealer electronic quotation system in the United States that displays real-time quotes, last-sale prices, and volume information for many over-the-counter equity securities that are not listed on a national securities exchange such as NASDAQ.  Broker-dealers who subscribe to the system can use the OTCBB to look up [...]

US Corporation with SEC filing

US Corporation with SEC Filing Setting up in the United States and get ready for Investors. If you plan to set up your company or want to move your recent company into an US entity, to be able to raise investor funds, we offer a great „Ready to Go“ solution. In the first step we [...]

US Corporation

Setting up in the Unites States Do you run an overseas business? Thinking of expanding and selling into the U.S. market? Because U.S. residency or citizenship is not required, non-U.S. citizens can readily sell into the U.S. However, many overseas business owners aren’t clear on whether they are required to incorporate in the U.S. [...]